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How to choose a plastic candle container for decorative candles?

2020-07-17 H:55:28

The widespread use of electricity in today’s society seems to make people forget the candles used by their ancestors for lighting. In ancient times, candles were very simple in shape simple in color. In modern times, we think that candle factories are no longer popular, but in fact they are . Changes adjustments have already been made in line with the times. The factory uses modern technology to add various shapes colors of candles for different groups of people to buy. Now candles are only used for lighting but also for making romantic warm atmosphere decorations.

In order to facilitate the storage of the candles at home, the manufacturer also chooses different containers for the candles, glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, etc., which can be put away for storage when in use.

Use plastic materials to make plastic candle cups? ? You must be very doubtful. Is it easy to bake?

The plastic raw materials used today are highly flame-retardant PC raw materials, which are highly transparent, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, most importantly, environmentally friendly. The plastic candle container is processed by the machine mold blow molding process, which has high output, saves labor, can customize the model, can also be processed into colorful. According to the difficulty of processing each model, the daily output can reach tens of thousands. The delivery is timely the storage is also very convenient. If the plastic container purchased by the customer is left after processing, it only needs to be recovered. The box can be taken out used at any time. The transparent plastic can show the color of your colorful candles. The packaging is also very cost-saving. It only needs to be wrapped in a plastic bag packed in a box, like glass ceramics. Each package is individually packaged in a box, which saves manpower material costs reduces cargo waste. The transportation is also convenient. Plastic containers are afraid of being touched stressed, which reduces the cost of transportation reduces the damage rate of goods. Therefore, the popular trend of Zhang Wang in the future will definitely be that plastic products dominate the market, with low product cost prices, good effects, few after-sales. It will definitely become the first choice for domestic foreign customers. The plastics industry will become more more popular. The raw materials of plastics are also very common. It is easy to appear out of stock increase prices. The market supply is very stable, the application of the plastics industry is becoming wider wider.