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Optimal flame-retardant plastic candle holders for tomb sweeping during Qingming Festival

2020-07-15 H:42:09

During the Ching Ming Dynasty, there was a lot of rain, pedestrians wanted to die. Flame-retardant plastic candle cups, factory-produced sacrificial candle containers have high flame retardancy good transparency, they also have the red color that is used in temples. His raw material is environmentally friendly PC. As a transparent PC plastic, it must first ensure high transparency, secondly, it must have good strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, low water absorption. Only then can it be used in use Meet the requirements of transparency. For the selection of transparent plastics, PC plastic is an ideal choice, but its price is high the injection molding process is difficult, so PMMA is often used, PPE has to be stretched to obtain good mechanical properties, so it is mostly used in packaging containers. use. PC plastic has high viscosity, high melting temperature poor fluidity. It must be injection molded at a higher temperature (between 270 320℃). Relatively speaking, the temperature adjustment range of the material is narrow the manufacturability is as good as PMMA.

The advantages of the PC plastic candle cup material are 1. High strength elasticity coefficient, high impact strength, wide use temperature range; 2. High transparency free dyeability; 3. Low forming shrinkage good dimensional stability; 4. Resistance Good fatigue; 5. Good weather resistance; 6. Good electrical properties; 7. Tasteless odorless, harmless to the human body, in line with hygiene safety.

In the process of using plastics, flame retardants are used to prevent plastics catching on fire due to contact with flames, to ensure that the plastics can have a longer service life, to appropriately increase the safety guarantee of using plastics. Generally speaking, polymer flame-retardant technology is mainly divided into two methods: additive type reactive type. Under the so-called "plastic" concept, it is mainly additive type. That is, add the flame retardant that matches it to the ordinary pellets, mix them fully in the mixer, then enter the mixing device based on the twin-screw extruder to re-granulate to prepare flame-retardant modified "flame retardant plastics" "

Why do plastics need to add halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardants? Flame retardants contribute directly to saving lives. In most cases, plastic polymers can cause spread flames, because they are organic compound plastics, which can decompose into unstable flammable products when exposed to heat.

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