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The quality of the tealight candle container is very good

2020-08-07 H:20:19

Scented candles can make the room full of fragrant, charming fragrance, it is a small healing object that builds the atmosphere helps relax the mood. After a busy day, you can wash away your tiredness with your favorite scent, which is a relaxing activity for your body, mind, soul. Arranging scented candles at home in the workplace can enhance the texture of the space with the elegant fragrance, it is also a very good home decoration.

Points for purchasing scented candles: candle container, wax type aroma are the three elements that must be paid attention to when buying scented candles. Next, we will introduce these three elements one by one, clarify the differences between different containers different wax components. The differences advantages disadvantages.

Tea wax refers to candles contained in thin metal small plastic cups, usually small round like bottle caps. It is named because it is often used as a heat source in the heating of teapots. Tea wax is the smaller one among all scented candles. It is also often used as a "floating candle" placed in water in a swimming pool to create an atmosphere.

tealight candle container

The uniform burning time is about 4-6 hours. Although the time is long, it is just suitable for a short-term fragrance experience, it is also suitable for an aromatic environment to help transform the mood. You can also buy small glass bottles when you buy. You can let the candle float in the bathtub when you take a bath, use the soft light fragrance to relax the bathing process.

Our plastic containers are made of highly flame-retardant materials that have been professionally tested. No matter if you put our plastic candle containers that burn for 4, 6, 8 hours, there is no problem. We will provide some samples for free if you are interested. Give the customer a test, you can buy with confidence if the test is no problem. Our plastic candle containers can also be made into various colors according to the needs of customers, but we really recommend transparent ones, which will make the candles look brighter cleaner after processing.