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PC22 plastic candle holders

PC22 plastic candle holders

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PC22 plastic candle holders

PC22 plastic Candle Cup this product has four points at the bottom, inner ring  waistline on the inner wall. When a candle burns, its products are carbon dioxide  water. The combustion phenomenon in oxygen bottle is that the flame is bright, white light is emitted, heat is released,  water mist appears on the wall of oxygen bottle. Compared with glass candle cup, plastic candle cup is  easy to break. Plastic is lighter than glass, so flame retardant plastic candle cup is safe, high quality  economical. Polycarbonate candle container is the substitute of glass candle container. Contact us today to see how much money you can save  glass to plastic!

We supply PC plastic, aluminum teacups, transparent PC teacups, cotton candle wicks. We are a system integrator in the field of candle manufacturing  have been working in this field since 1999. Whatever you need in candle making, we can help you make the right decision.

The advantages of PC plastic candle cup material are as follows:

1. It has high strength  elastic coefficient, high impact strength  wide temperature range.

2. High transparency  free staining. 3. Low shrinkage  good dimensional stability. Plastic candle cup is more cost-effective than glass candle cup, light, cheap,  fragile  so on.

The flame retardant grade of candle cup is divided into v2-v0. We have 112 kinds of candle cups, which can be customized  more convenient.

PC22 plastic candle holders



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