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About plastic candle holders Market Trend

2020-07-15 H:25:09

Plastic candle cup. There are many candle cups in the market today, including glass, plastic, ceramic, aluminum, etc. Compared with these plastic candle cups are fragile, lighter portable.

Polycarbonate plastic, similar to glass tea lights, is heat-resistant, allowing your candles to burn safely, transparent plastic can make eye-catching colored candles. The sturdy structure ensures that it maintains its shape while pouring hot wax.

Our home service support

1. If I want to customize products, what is the minimum order quantity? Generally, the minimum order quantity for customized products is 100,000 pieces. However, if your order is less than MOQ, you can contact us we can consult this issue.

2. Can I get some samples? Of course, you can get free samples, but you should pay express/shipping.

3. What is your mode of transportation? We support land, air, sea express (DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNS, etc.).

4. How can you guarantee the quality of the products? First of all, we have complete testing equipment, a quality testing department, an environmental protection system that meets national standards, a clean production environment. Secondly, you can guarantee the quality according to the samples. If the product has any quality problems, we provide claims service.

5. How do you guarantee the delivery time? First, we have three production lines, one for bulk orders, one for small orders, one for urgent orders. Secondly, if we ship the goods after the agreed date, we will give you a discount.

6. Can I customize the product? Yes, we can produce according to customer requirements, including packaging, materials, specifications, etc. More detailed product information. Please feel free to contact me.

plastic candle holders