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The advantages of the nozzle bag the choice of a good plastic nozzle are crucial

2020-07-15 H:54:47

As a relatively new type of packaging, the spout bag is used by fewer people in China, but it is used a lot in Europe America. The application of the juice spout bag is relatively blank. Many people don't know that there is a spout bag. The spout bag is composed of a plastic nozzle a stand-up pouch. The stand-up pouch is composed of composite materials the nozzle has a plastic mouth.

Spout bags are generally used to pack liquids, such as fruit juice, beverages, detergents, milk, soy milk, soy sauce, etc.

Due to the various forms of nozzles in the nozzle bag, there are long nozzles for sucking jelly, juice, beverages, nozzles for detergents, butterfly valves for red wine.

With the continuous development application of nozzle bags, most detergents softeners in Japan Korea are packaged in nozzle bags.

If a large three-dimensional bag with a handle is made by bag making, many products such as washing powder, automobile, motorcycle oil, edible oil may gradually transfer to this kind of packaging.

In the cold northern regions, the sales volume of liquor is relatively large in winter. If a 200-300ml package is made in a soft package with a long mouth, it can be convenient for people working in the field to use body temperature use hot water to warm the white wine, which is convenient to use.

At present, the advertising industry is developing rapidly. If you make full use of the advantages of flexible packaging printing good printing quality, printing advertisements on soft water bags for customers will reduce the actual cost of flexible packaging, drinking water plants are also interested in using such packaging in large quantities.

In addition, special places such as scenic football stadiums are more suitable for using this kind of flexible packaging.

As the advantages of spouted flexible packaging are understood by more consumers, with the continuous strengthening of social environmental protection awareness, it will become a trend to use spouted flexible packaging to replace barrels, to use spouted flexible packaging to replace non-reclosable traditional soft packaging.

The main advantage of spout bags over common packaging forms is portability. The spout bag can be conveniently placed in a backpack even a pocket, the business scope of the factory can be diversified as the content decreases.

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