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Plastic candle holder, plastic tea wax cup, candle container, wedding decoration container

2020-07-15 H:30:09

Plastic tea wax cup is mainly aimed at the packaging of candles. It can directly replace glass metal packaging. It is a new generation of candle packaging. The product has beautiful appearance, bright colors, peculiar shape, strong resistance, good flame retardancy, high transparency. Features. it has passed sgs combustion certification, msds environmental protection certification, lntertek safety test, conforms to ul94 international standards, is recognized by the US fda. In addition, according to the requirements of different customers, we can also customize all kinds of candle packaging with unique patterns unique shapes. It can improve the taste grade of candle products.

To spend every minute every second with the candlelight is just a matter of starting a fire. There are some tips that can make you more enjoyable with candlelight. Through several creative candle decoration methods in this article, I will teach you how to make candles light a romantic atmosphere. These handmade ideas for life can save more money than going directly to the store to buy beautiful candles. There are hundreds of creative candles in the store. Maybe we can spend dozens of dollars to buy some materials add some creative ideas to copy.

Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Products Factory was founded in 1999. The factory is located in Qianjin Farm, Xinchengzi District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. In 2011, it was relocated due to land acquisition by the local government later changed its name to Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Products Factory. The company specializes in the production of flame-retardant plastic candle cups, plastic candle holders, soy milk miso jelly nozzles, plastic nozzles, stand-up pouch straws, tea wax cups, plastic tea wax shells, stand-up pouch nozzles, rice clasps, medical packaging, Cosmetic packaging, detergent packaging, pesticide packaging, plastic products, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, detergent bottles, plastic candle cups, candle holders, candle barrels other products that meet environmental protection requirements. The product is beautiful generous, bright colorful, strong impact resistance, good flame retardancy, high transparency, light weight, easy to break, high safety. It is sold to major candle factories in China overseas.

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