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Plastic candle holders is your ideal choice!

2020-07-15 H:54:47

"High flame-retardant tea wax cups" can be used in many occasions, such as heart-shaped "plastic candle cups" for marriage proposals; cup candle holders for churches; Christmas tree candle jars for Christmas so on.

Has high transparency, strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance

For the selection of transparent plastics, PC plastic is an ideal choice, but its price is high the injection molding process is difficult, so PMMA is often used, PPE has to be stretched to obtain good mechanical properties, so it is mostly used in packaging containers. use.

The advantages of PC plastic candle cup material are

1. It has high strength elasticity coefficient, high impact strength, wide temperature range;

2. High transparency free dyeability; 3. Low forming shrinkage good dimensional stability; plastic candle cups are more cost-effective lighter than glass candle cups; they are cheap; easy to break so on.

The flame retardant grade of candle cup is V2-V0. We have 112 kinds of candle cups, which can be customized more convenient.

Compared with glass candle cups, plastic candle cups are easily broken. Plastic is lighter than glass, so our safe, high-quality economical plastic polycarbonate candle container is a substitute for glass candle container. Contact us today to see how much you can save glass to plastic!

We supply candles, aluminum tea cups, transparent PC tea cups, cotton candle wicks. Tabbed wick. Wick holder, candle color, candle mold semi-automatic manual wax making machine, automatic wax press, wax melting machine, wax powder spray roller, candle wick cutting machine, candle wick dipping machine, wax filling machine, crayon machine, crayon label packaging Machine waiting. We are a system integrator in the field of candle manufacturing have been engaged in this aspect of work since 2008. No matter what you need in candle making, we can help you make the right decision.

We offer various candle holders, such as aluminum cups (many sizes, such as 12g, 14g, 23g, piping straight edges). Tea wax cups (we have various shapes sizes, such as round. Flower shape. Square shape. Star shape. Heart shape, Christmas tree shape, butterfly shape, bird shape other colors. Glass cup tea wax. Each Mosaic candle holders of various shapes colors, etc. Tea wicks for soybean candles. Paraffin candles. Bee candles. Butter lamps. Floating candles. We can provide you with 12.5mm.14mm wick holders. 20mm, aperture 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 5.0. mm, candle molds are also available. We can provide brackets according to customer requirements, such as red, yellow, white, blue, transparent, etc.

1. Process flow: Injection molding-casting-polishing-pressing plate-painting-packaging integration. There are various styles colors to choose . 3. Welcome customers to call write inquiries. 4. Optional finishing process: silver plating, chrome plating, copper plating, bronze plating.

plastic candle holders