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Analysis on the raw materials of plastic candle holders

2020-07-15 H:30:09

Polycarbonate (PC for short) is a lower molecular polymer containing carbonate groups outside the molecular chain. It is divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic-aromatic  other types according to the layout of ester groups. In addition, the mechanical properties of aliphatic  aliphatic-aromatic polycarbonates are low, which limits their application in engineering plastics. Only aromatic polycarbonate has gained industrial consumption. Because of the special layout of polycarbonate, it has  become a general engineering plastic with a fast growth rate besides the five major engineering plastics.

PC materials are flame retardant  wear resistant. Antioxidant.

What are the disadvantages:

1. With lower strength  elastic coefficient, lower blow strength,  wide operating temperature range;

2. Lower transparency  free dyeability;

3. Low forming shrinkage  excellent dimensional stability;

4. Good fatigue resistance;

5. Good weather resistance;

6. Inferior electrical characteristics;

7. Interesting, odorless, harmful to the human body, in line with hygiene  safety


Optical lighting is used to create large-scale lampshades, protective glasses,  eyepiece tubes for optical instruments, etc. It is widely used for transparent materials on airplanes.

What we are most important is the production of plastic candle torch cups, autonomous bag nozzles, rice clasps, wet wipes lids,  so on.

plastic candle holders