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PC99 wholesale plastic candle holders

PC99 wholesale plastic candle holders

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PC99 wholesale plastic candle holders

PC99 wholesale plastic candle holders

PC99 wholesale plastic candle cup is made of high flame retardant PC plastic with bottom edge. PC is a new type of thermoplastic, transparency of 90%, known as transparent metal. It is rigid  tough, with high impact strength, good electrical insulation performance, heat resistance  non-toxic, high dimensional stability  wide range of service temperature,  can be used for a long time between - 100 ℃  130 ℃. The brittleness temperature is below - 100 ℃. It can be molded by injection molding  extrusion. The modified PC materials are widely used in various fields. I mentioned the melting point of candles before. Now I'd like to introduce you to the medium melting point: medium melting point - this kind of wax is usually used to make prayer candles, sometimes used to make container candles,  its melting point is 127-145 degrees Fahrenheit  53-63 degrees Celsius. This wax is harder to feel than low melting point wax, but better in shape retention. This wax is good at maintaining flavor, but requires the use of additives. This type of wax is massive  needs to be cut into small pieces to melt.

Shenyang Tengsheng plastic packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic products, specializing in the production of plastic products for more than 20 years. In line with the marketing concept of high quality  low price, it has been serving customers for many years, which has won the trust of domestic  foreign customers.

PC99 wholesale plastic candle holders



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