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Analysis on the performance of PC environmentally friendly flame-retardant tealight candle container

2020-07-15 H:35:10

PC-type product creation materials: low-level flame-retardant PC materials.

Primary material: Polycarbonate, abbreviated as PC, is a colorless  transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. The flame-retardant principle of flame-retardant PC is to catalyze the formation of char when the PC is extinguished, thereby killing the flame-retardant goal.

Polycarbonate (PC) is colorless  transparent, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-retardant,  has good mechanical properties at general application temperatures. But there is no resistance to purple light. Comparing with scattered methyl methacrylate, which is close to different functions, the impact resistance performance of scattered carbonate is beautiful,  the processing performance is beautiful under the refractive index. Bulk carbonate is acid  oil resistant. Disperse carbonate,  resistant to weak alkalis.

Character disadvantages:

The new technology, the product is beautiful  generous, the appearance is weak, the color is bright  bright, the resistance function is weak, the flame retardant function is beautiful, the transparency is light, the product is  easy to break,  the application is safe. Whether to indirectly replace the glass  metal candle torch package,  whether to increase its colorful table according to customer needs.

Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Products Factory was founded in 1999. The factory is located in Progress Farm, Xinchengzi District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. In 2011, it moved because of land acquisition by the local government  later changed its name to Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Products Factory.

The original company's amateur consumption of plastic tea wax shells, independent bag nozzles, rice clasps, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, detergent packaging, pesticide packaging, plastic products, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, detergent bottles, plastic candle torch cups, candle holders , Candle torch barrel  other products suitable for environmental protection requirements.

The product is beautiful  generous, beautiful  colorful, weak in impact resistance, beautiful in flame retardant function, low in transparency, light in weight,  easy to break,  low in safety.

Hundreds of dedicated Tengsheng employees have been gathered  all over the world. They paid their hard work  enthusiasm for the regression of Tengsheng Plastics Industry.

Through unbroken exploration  development, Tengsheng people have found their own way to success-"Time to use handshake skills to improve character."

Tengsheng people continue to strive to provide excellent products  services for domestic customers!

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