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Performance test method of flame retardant plastic tealight candle cup

2020-07-15 H:35:10

Flame-retardant refers to stopping the disposal punishment of combustible combustible materials, including methods such as adding flame-retardant elements painting a flame-retardant layer, so that the rate of incineration spreading is high, so as to spread its safety;

The incineration performance of the material refers to the results of the measurement of the incineration performance of the material itself before the positive test examination, through the calibrated installation facilities.

The flame-retardant motive, through the use of fire-retardant treatment than the original material to punish the difference in incineration performance.

What are the essentials for the incineration test of flame retardant materials

The main purpose of the flame-retardant material incineration test is to assess its incineration characteristics, that is, whether it is frugal, whether it is on fire, whether it continues to burn after a fire, whether it emits smoke releases poisonous gas.

According to incineration characteristics incineration characteristics, the incineration test of flame-retardant materials is divided into ignition test, incineration test, calorific test, smoke test, emitted gas test, fire resistance test, etc. . Flame retardant materials hinder burning.

The flame-retardant plastic tea wax cup is a candle container launched by our factory in 2009, so buyers are buying candle containers with the same capacity the same burning time. In addition, the product itself has the function of preventing incineration. The product has a stable simple appearance. The burnt out candle cup plastic container can also be used as a toy for children, as a food container water bowl for small pets like lizards hamsters. The plastic candle torch container of our factory can be used for filling wax, suppressing wax, soybean wax, animal wax. The factory has a wide warehouse to help large customers keep inventory. Perfect logistics after-sales service solve your worries.

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