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The origin of wax the choice of plastic tealight candle container

2020-07-15 H:46:18

Wax, pronounced as là, zhà, chà, is an oil produced by animals, plants minerals. It is solid at room temperature, plastic, easy to melt, insoluble in water, soluble in carbon disulfide benzene. Wax is a mixture of several alkanes, mainly n-docosane (C22H46) n-octadecane (C28H58), with about 85% carbon element 14% hydrogen element.

Candles originated torches in primitive times. Primitives smeared fat wax on bark wood chips tied them together to make torches for lighting. The beeswax that appeared around the 3rd century BC may be the prototype of candles. In the West, for a period of time, bees were kept in monasteries used to make beeswax. This was mainly because the Catholics believed that beeswax was a symbol of virgin conception, so beeswax was regarded as a pure light was enshrined on church altars. . Judging the existing literature, the time when beeswax was produced in my country was roughly the same as that in the West. Japan was introduced my country during the Nara period (710-784). Compared with modern candles, ancient candles have many shortcomings. . Li Shangyin, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, had a poem saying "Why should we cut candles in the west window together". Why does the poet cut the candle? At that time, the candle core was twisted with cotton thread stood in the center of the flame. Since it could be burned out charred, the end of the residual candle core had to be cut off with scissors time to time. This is undoubtedly a troublesome thing. In 1820, the Frenchman John Parcherie invented the candle core made of three cotton threads, which made the candle core naturally loosen when it burned, the end just tilted to the outside of the flame, so it could burn completely.

The choice of tea wax shell is also very important. First, it must be highly flame-retardant. Secondly, it can be filled with various types of candles, then the quality must meet the standard.

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