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PC45 round tealight candle container

PC45 round tealight candle container

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PC45 round tealight candle container

PC45 round tealight candle container

Pc45 is a round tea wax shell, which is made of high flame retardant PC plastic. It has a human design, similar to the design of Mercedes Benz logo. It strengthens the stability of the product  is beautiful  generous in design. We are factory direct selling, have professional design team, accept custom, have 112 kinds of plastic tea wax cup, including column shape, heart shape, tree shape  so on.

Compared with other material Candlestick, plastic material is lighter, more resistant to high temperature  less fragile. A good candle cup product must have a good flame retardant grade  high transparency. Our products can fully meet the needs of customers, with high flame retardant level  high transparency. This product has no logo  any other logo. It can be used in many occasions: heart shaped candle cup for marriage proposal, cup-shaped Candlestick for church, Christmas tree candle jar  so on. It is a general decoration product for festival decoration  birthday party. Different colors of candles into this product, will show different color effect, high aesthetic. Tengsheng staff welcome to learn  each other  make progress together with you.

PC45 round tealight candle container



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