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PC19 transparent tealight candle container

PC19 transparent tealight candle container

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PC19 transparent tealight candle container

PC19 transparent tealight candle container

Pc19 transparent tea wax shell is a medium high waist candle container. There are four slots at the bottom, which can block the wax line  make it inactive. This product is made of high flame retardant PC plastic, high flame retardant  high transparency. We are the factory direct sales, has the specialized design team, the candle cup product model up to 112 kinds. Shapes include column, heart, tree, etc.

Compared with the candlestick made of other materials, the plastic material is more light, high temperature resistant   fragile. In terms of setting off the atmosphere, it is even more necessary to light the aromatherapy candle in the dark  put it on the table with exquisite arrangement. Under the soft candlelight, whether it's a candlelight dinner for two people  a Carnival Party for a group of people, the beautiful  warm time can always make your heart wave. There are also many suitable occasions: heart shaped candle cup for marriage proposal, cup-shaped Candlestick for church, Christmas tree candle jar  so on. I heard that you like the sea, flowers, candlelight... Put them all in this cup of candle for you. May it light up your bookish dreams every night  warm your naive  fragile heart.

PC19 transparent tealight candle container



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