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8.6mm double clip nozzle

8.6mm double clip nozzle

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  • Date of issue:2020-09-24 10:39:10
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Parameter table of 8.6MM inner diameter double clamp nozzle

Dimension drawing of 8.6MM inner diameter double clamp nozzle

Product list of suction nozzle

8.6MM inner diameter double clamp nozzle:

Nozzle cover: the processing material is made of food grade PE (polyethylene) plastic material, with good heat resistance, excellent strength, stiffness, hardness, heat resistance, comfortable handle, convenient rotation  quality assurance.

Suction nozzle: food grade standard product, non-toxic, tasteless, high corrosion resistance, combined with packaging bag, good sealing, can be widely used for sealing various products after hot sealing.

1. Our company has different sizes, different colors of nozzles  covers, samples can be provided free of charge.

2. We can accept custom (mold fees, return to a certain number) we have professional technicians can make the mold you want according to the drawings.

Scope of application:

The product is non-toxic, tasteless  highly resistant. Combined with bag sealing, it can be widely used for packing: for example

1. Sauce products packaging bags: seafood sauce, hot pot sauce, chili sauce, sauce, etc.

2. Beverage packaging: herbal tea bags, juice bags, jelly bags, milk, lactic acid bacteria bags, fresh (sour) milk, soybean milk.

3, cosmetics suction bag, BB cream, facial mask cream, moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream  other soft packaging.

4. Hairdressing products on the packaging bag: such as hair conditioner, scalp massage cream, hair mask, etc.

Application drawing of suction nozzle



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