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8.6mm single clip nozzle

8.6mm single clip nozzle

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  • Date of issue:2020-09-24 10:39:35
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Parameter table of 8.6MM inner diameter single clip nozzle

Dimension drawing of 8.6MM inner diameter single clip nozzle

Product list of suction nozzle

8.6MM inner diameter single clip nozzle:

Nozzle cover: processing materials are food grade PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene)  other plastic materials for processing, good heat resistance, strength, stiffness, hardness, heat resistance is excellent,  easy to chemical reactions, physical  chemical properties are better, comfortable handle, convenient rotation, to ensure quality. In line with the packaging certification, anti leakage effect is good.

Suction nozzle: food grade standard product, non-toxic, tasteless, high corrosion resistance, combined with packaging bag, good sealing, can be widely used for sealing various liquid products after hot sealing.

1. The color of the product can be modulated according to the demand.

2. We can accept custom (mold fees, return to a certain number) we have professional technicians can make the mold you want according to the drawings.

Application scope: combined with packaging bag, it can be widely used after hot sealing: such as storing liquid, paste, powder  small pill, such as medicine, beverage, milk, jelly, fresh milk, yogurt, soybean milk, chili sauce, toothpaste, sauce, facial cleanser, hand cream, seasoning, washing powder  daily products.

Application drawing of suction nozzle




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