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10.0 mm inner diameter nozzle

10.0 mm inner diameter nozzle

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  • Date of issue:2020-09-24 10:38:47
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Parameter table of 10.0 mm inner diameter suction nozzle

Dimension drawing of 10.0 mm inner diameter suction nozzle

Product list of suction nozzle

10.0 mm inner diameter nozzle:

The suction nozzle / cover can be hot pressed on flexible packaging bags for the following purposes:

1. Beverage liquid packaging bag, jelly, fresh milk, yogurt, soybean milk, soy sauce, juice  other beverage bags.

2. Sauce bag with suction mouth: such as bibimbap sauce, meat paste, bean paste, pizza sauce, etc.

3. Daily chemical packaging bag, bottle cap, detergent, disinfectant, hand sanitizer.

4. Composite packaging bags, soft packaging bags, etc.

5. Paste packaging bag: such as body sanding cream packaging bag, medical ointment packaging bag.

Advantages: 1. Professional plastic manufacturing for more than 20 years; 2. Factory direct sales without middlemen; 3. Independent design, excellent sales team; 4. Large supply capacity; 5. Production of various colors; 6. High quality  cost-effective price.

Shenyang Tengsheng plastic products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in processing all kinds of plastic products. We have advanced mold processing equipment, product manufacturing equipment, strict production technology  strong technical force, is one of the domestic manufacturers  mold manufacturing to plastic products integration. Our factory was founded in 1999, located in Qianjin farm, Xinchengzi District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

Our main products: suction nozzle, plastic Candlestick, plastic bottle, plastic candle cup, wet towel cover, hand clasp, etc.

Application drawing of 10.0 mm inner diameter suction nozzle



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