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PC6 tealight candle cup

PC6 tealight candle cup

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PC6 tealight candle cup

PC6 tealight candle cup


PC6 this tea wax cup is made of high flame retardant PC plastic with four points on the bottom. The product is cylindrical. Color can be made into transparent  other colors required by customers. This product has no logo, no other logo. There is an inner ring at the bottom to fix the wax line. This product is one of our best selling products. Because its size conforms to the public standard, it is loved by the public.

When the candle is lit, the flame is smaller at first,  then gradually becomes larger. The flame is divided into three layers (outer flame, inner flame  core). The flame core is mainly candle vapor with low temperature,  the internal flame paraffin is  fully burned,  the temperature is higher than that of the flame core. Due to some carbon particles, the outer flame is in full contact with the air,  the flame is bright  full of combustion,  the temperature is high.

Therefore, when a match stem is quickly put into the flame  removed after about 1 second, the part of the match stem contacting the outer flame turns black first. At the moment of blowing out the candle, a wisp of white smoke can be seen. Lighting the white smoke with a burning match can make the candle ignite again. Therefore, it can be proved that the white smoke emitted is a small solid particle produced by paraffin vapor freezing.

We accept a large number of orders  have sufficient stock. Compared with glass  aluminum shell, this product has the advantage of high transparency, lighter weight  less fragile than glass candle container. Stronger than aluminum shell, durable, can also be used repeatedly.

PC6 tealight candle cup



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