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PC15 tealight candle container of plastic goblet

PC15 tealight candle container of plastic goblet

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PC15 tealight candle container of plastic goblet

PC15 tealight candle container of plastic goblet

PC15 this flame retardant plastic candle cup is made of high flame retardant PC plastic material  has a base, which is easier to stand on  more intimate in design. Now most of them are degradable plastic products,  the development will have more  more advantages.

Plastic products are lighter than glass  ceramics.

Shenyang Tengsheng plastic packaging Co., Ltd., factory direct sales, no middleman to earn price difference, factory price, more market competitiveness. Our factory mainly supplies candlesticks  other Candlestick products, as well as various specifications of candlesticks, such as plastic tea cups (we have various shapes  sizes of candle containers, such as round, flower shape, square, five pointed star shape, heart shape, Christmas tree type, butterfly type, bird type, etc.), with different colors, different shapes  colors. Light tea wick, paraffin wax candle, bee candle, yellow oil lamp  floating candle for soybean candle. We can provide you with 12.5mm  14mm wick holder. The diameter of the candle mould is 2.5mm, 3.0mm  5.0mm.

In the molding process of thermoplastic plastics, due to the volume change of crystallization, strong internal stress, large residual stress frozen in the plastic parts, strong molecular orientation  other factors, compared with thermosetting plastics, the shrinkage rate is larger, the range of shrinkage is wide,  the direction is obvious. In addition, the shrinkage after molding, annealing  humidity control treatment is generally higher than that of thermosetting Sex plastic is big.

PC15 tealight candle container of plastic goblet



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