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13.0 mm inner diameter nozzle

13.0 mm inner diameter nozzle

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  • Date of issue:2020-09-24 10:38:06
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Parameter table of 13.0 mm inner diameter suction nozzle

Dimension drawing of 13.0 mm inner diameter suction nozzle

Product list of suction nozzle

13.0 mm inner diameter nozzle:

We are specialized in producing all kinds of plastic nozzles, which are suitable for jelly, juice, jam, soybean milk, washing powder, hand sanitizer, shampoo, etc. This product is non-toxic, tasteless, low density, good resistance, with good PE, PP  other raw materials, so that the product users more trust, product indicators are up to the national standards.

1. Our company has different sizes, different colors of nozzles  covers, samples can be provided free of charge.

2. We can accept custom (mold fees, return to a certain number) we have professional technicians can make the mold you want according to the drawings.

3. Can print trademarks, custom colors, materials, patterns  packaging. We have a professional team with rich experience in design  manufacturing. Tell us what you think  we'll help you achieve it.

How do we ensure product quality: first, we have complete testing equipment, special quality inspection department, environmental protection system in line with national standards,  clean production environment. Secondly, you can guarantee the quality according to the sample.

Application drawing of 13.0 mm inner diameter suction nozzle



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