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16.0 mm inner diameter nozzle

16.0 mm inner diameter nozzle

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  • Date of issue:2020-09-24 10:37:44
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Parameter table of 16.0 mm inner diameter suction nozzle

Dimension drawing of 16.0 mm inner diameter suction nozzle

Product list of suction nozzle

16.0 mm inner diameter nozzle:

Nozzle cover: processing with food grade HDPE, HDPP  other plastic raw materials, heat-resistant, comfortable handle, convenient rotation, to ensure quality standards.

Suction nozzle: food grade standard product, non-toxic, tasteless, high corrosion resistance, sealed with packaging bag, can be widely used for sealing various liquid  powder products, such as:

1, beverage liquid packaging bags; 2, seasoning sauce bags with suction nozzle; 3, paste packaging bags: such as body scrub packaging bags, medical ointment bags; 4, daily chemical packaging bags such as laundry liquid  composite packaging bags; 5, cosmetics suction bag, BB cream, facial mask cream, moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream  other soft packaging; 6, hairdressing products on the packaging bags: such as Nourishing Conditioner, scalp massage Cream, hair mask, etc.


1. Professional production of plastic products nearly 20 years, rich experience.

2. Ensure product quality  strictly control product quality.

3. The product has low price  good market competitiveness.

4. Factory direct sales, save the middle price difference.

5. Independent design, with excellent design team  sales team.

6. Able to accept a large number of orders, production capacity, sufficient inventory, timely delivery.

Application drawing of suction nozzle


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