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Wide application of plastic spout cap

2020-07-15 H:35:10

In recent years, self-holding suction bags have been listed as practical packaging projects. In the recent period, self-holding suction bag packaging has entered a period of rapid development. It is believed that in the near future, the use of self-contained nozzle bags will become more more widespread will be truly developed. The function of the suction bag is realized by the shape of the human body. However, self-supporting bags cannot repeat the rotation speed, so they are often used for packaging semi-solid products such as liquids, gels, beverages, jellies.

Self-supporting pouches are currently the most popular packaging. Since our country will conduct inspections, the safety health of self-supporting are the concerns of every manufacturer. With the progress of society people's demand for food packaging, self-supporting bags are created according to people's needs, more colorful printing is designed, the scope of application is greatly increased.

The independent spout bag is a popular packaging food. On the basis of protection, it improves the attractiveness of the product, promotes the sales of the product, increases to a certain extent, which has a good effect. There are many types of self-service bags, different products should be selected appropriately.

Separate spout bag packaging Sub-packaging bags stand-up pouch nozzles are mainly used for juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled water, inhalable jelly, spices other products. In addition to the food industry, some products such as detergents, daily cosmetics, medical supplies, etc. The use of is also gradually increasing. Independent nozzle bag packaging is a colorful world to add appearance color, clear bright patterns, can stand on the shelf, reflect the brand image, it is easier to attract the attention of consumers adapt to the trend of modern supermarket sales. After the customer uses it, the product can be perfected, which is favored by most consumers. The advantages of self-priming bag packaging are understood by more more consumers. With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, it will become a trend. A sound standard system will help improve product quality product grades, regulate market order.

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