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PC5 transparent plastic shell

PC5 transparent plastic shell

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PC5 transparent plastic shell

PC5 transparent plastic shell

PC5 is a transparent plastic shell, which is made of high flame retardant PC plastic, with an outer diameter of 37.6mm  an outer height of 19.14mm. Product uses: festival decoration, wedding decoration, birthday party, hotel, hotel, sacrifice, cemetery  other ceremonies  other occasions. Plastic is used to replace glass  metal candle outer packaging. The advantages of its material are light, flexible  low cost. It can also be used in bars  other indoor occasions. As a candlestick, candles are used as decorations  ornaments.

PC is polycarbonate, which is a colorless transparent, non qualitative thermoplastic material. The flame retardant principle of flame retardant PC is to catalyze the carbon formation of PC during combustion, so as to achieve the purpose of flame retardant. This product produced by our factory has a good flame retardant effect, after many tests, so as to ensure the product quality. I welcome friends  all walks of life to come to consult, the color  size of products can be customized, we welcome customization. We have a professional design team, sales team  after-sales team.

PC5 transparent plastic shell



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