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PC11 cylindrical candle shell

PC11 cylindrical candle shell

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PC11 cylindrical candle shell

PC11 cylindrical candle shell

Pc11 flame retardant plastic candle cup is made of high flame retardant PC plastic material, with larger volume, larger capacity  intimate design. After the candle is injected, it burns for more than a day. Once you decide the type of candle you want to make, you can choose the appropriate paraffin wax. No matter  you buy the paraffin wax, you must know the melting point of the paraffin wax you purchased, so that the gift candle can look good. When you buy it, you need to have detailed instructions on the use of these wax. This product is one of the few large capacity candle containers in our factory. We are direct selling  manufacturers. We have a professional design team. The size  color can be customized. Our factory has 112 kinds of plastic tea wax cups, including cylindrical, heart-shaped, tree shaped  so on.

Shenyang Tengsheng plastic packaging Co., Ltd. has gathered hundreds of professional Tengsheng people  all over the country. They are fighting for the development of Tengsheng plastics industry. After continuous exploration, Tengsheng people have gone out of their own road to success. Always maintain perfect technology, always pursue quality. Tengsheng people have been committed to providing better products  services for domestic  foreign customers.

PC11 cylindrical candle shell



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