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Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

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Plastic wet wipes lid

Plastic wet wipes lid

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  • Date of issue:2020-09-10 11:49:16
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Parameter diagram of plastic wipes cover

Dimensional drawing of plastic wipes cover

Product Name: wholesale price factory production of plastic wipes cover


1. Professional production of plastic products nearly 20 years, rich experience.

2. Ensure product quality strictly control product quality.

3. The price of the product is low has good market competitiveness.

4. Factory direct sales, eliminating the middle price difference.

5. Independent design, with excellent design team sales team.

6. Be able to accept a large number of orders with high production capacity sufficient inventory.

Company profile:

Shenyang Tengsheng plastic packaging Co., Ltd. has been operating in good faith for many years. It provides high-quality products for many customers at home abroad. I plant plastic products exported abroad, deeply loved by domestic foreign customers, by unanimous praise. We have a strong after-sales team to escort your order.

More than 11 million sets of plastic products are produced every month, with an annual turnover of 10 million US dollars. Our factory is located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 150 square meters. We have hundreds of experienced employees who are ready to meet your requirements. Our experienced employees are ready to discuss your needs ensure customer satisfaction.

Application drawing of plastic wipes packaging cover


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