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PET food bottle

PET food bottle

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  • Date of issue:2020-08-29 16:46:07
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PET food bottle parameters table

PET food bottle size table

PET straight wide mouth dried fruit snack food packaging plastic bottles

PET food bottle usage: Suitable for candy, salt, nut, dried fruit, biscuit, chocolate, fruit bar, dried fruit, preserved fruit, snow chrysanthemum tea, rose bud tea, fat sea tea, glossy ganoderma, ginseng slice, Chinese medicine slice, etc.

Product Advantages:

1. Convenience: large diameter for easy access, transparent bottle body, simple generous, clear plastic bottle body, easy to clean, beautiful sanitation, traditional design, easy access.

2. Durability: The use of good materials, as well as scientific design to ensure extraordinary durability

3. Diversity: multi-functional storage, light convenient, more space saving, strong sealing, moisture-proof dustproof, suitable for keeping pens, tools, hardware small objects in addition to food

4. Space saving: The plane design can be placed together in an orderly way, saving a lot of space.

Company advantages:

1. Factory direct sales, large output, inexpensive, professional plastic manufacturing for more than 20 years.

2. Logo: Your logo can be printed, embossed labeled on a bottle hat.

3.OEM ODM: We can make molds for you based on your design similar samples.

4. Labels: We can provide all kinds of adhesive labels to suit your product needs.

5. Certification: We can work with you on product certification factory evaluation.

6. Quality: we can check the products strictly either by thorough inspection by partial inspection (random sampling).

7. Sample: We can send samples free of charge, but the freight is for your account.

PET food bottle application diagram




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